Rewards: 10K DOCT~$7900+Ref

Anchor is a stablecoin and is the first currency pegged to global economic growth, and hedged against market volatility and inflation. Anchor is structured as a dual-token system consisting of the Anchor Token, the system’s currency and payment token, and the Dock Token, a utility token that stabilizes the system.

Anchor is giving away 10,000 DOCT tokens worth of $7900 to their community members in this special bounty airdrop program.Complete the social tasks and submit your ETH and other details to the airdrop form to receive tokens.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Visit the ANCHOR Special Bounty Form.
  2.  Join their Telegram group and ask a thoughtful question about the project in their groups. (24 Stakes )
  3. Invite up to 3 friends to their Telegram group and earn 4 Stakes for every referral.
  4. Follow them on Twitter and like and retweet latest tweet. (16 Stakes)
  5. Also make a tweet about Anchor. (8 Stakes)
  6. Like their Facebook page and like, comment and share latest post. (24 Stakes)
  7. Enter your ERC-20 Wallet Address( NO EXCHANGE WALLET!!)
  8. Submit your details in the airdrop form.

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Have a Happy Airdropping !