Rewards : 750FRY ~ $18.75+Ref

Arfreyr based platform conveys comprehensive information in a simple visual way and incorporates consumer interaction to increase engagement with products. The key aim of our AR strategy is to curb ‘showrooming’ by customers. A growing trend where savvy shoppers sample products in physical stores then go online to buy them at the best available price and this would enable customers to experience the best of both online and physical stores.

Arfreyr is airdropping 750 FRY tokens Worth of $18.75 for each airdrop participant. Also invite friends to get 50 FRY token for each referral.

Steps  For Airdrop: 

  1. Start chat with Arfreyr Telegram Bot.
  2. Join their   Telegram Group.(50 FRY)
  3. Join their  Telegram Channel.(50 FRY)
  4. Sign up with Arfreyr Website and  email id submit into bot.(100 FRY)
  5. Follow them Twitter and retweet the pinned post.
  6. Download IOS APP(300 FRY)
  7. Join their Sponsor’s Telegram Group.(25 FRY)
  8. Follow them Linkedin.(50 FRY)
  9. Follow them Sponsor’s Twitter.(25 FRY)
  10. Also invite friends to get 50 FRY tokens for each referral

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Have Happy Airdroping!