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Airdrop Details

Tokens 500 AUD
Est. value $na
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply na
Referral Yes
End in na
Price/Token $na
AussieDigital by Coinkeeper
AssuieDigital by Coinkeeper is 500 AUD coins to each airdrop participant. Sign up at coinkeeper and vote for Aussie digital, submit your details to the airdrop form, to receive up to 500 AUD coins.

aussiedigital by coinkeeper


Steps for AssuieDigital by Coinkeeper:

    1. Sign up at Coinkeeper and verify your email id.
    2. Go to Vote Page to vote Aussie Digital.
    3. Take a snapshot of your voting screen.
    4. Create a account on AussieDigital and verify your email id.
    5. Submit your details to the Airdrop Form.

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions :

Desiairdrops Review

Aussie Digital:

The Aussie Digital Team and its Advisors come from a variety of different sectors including Importation. Exporting, Business Strategy, Business Development, Business Marketing, Business Banking, Digital Marketing, Social Media. And also, TV Production, Interactive Design, HR Training, Trading Stocks & Currencies, Blockchain. And also, Analysts and Cryptocurrency experts. Further, they are a diverse group of like-minded people with different Importo also, backgrounds, different educations, and also, different cultures. Because of all with the same goal. And also, the interfaces have been designed to be very user-friendly with also quick access functions.

The Aussie Digital Ecosystem is based around a Digital Token nearly. Because the Ecosystem includes an Amazon-like. Store builder packed with powerful and also, digital marketing tools. And also, a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in further unprecedented ways also. Because other services powered by blockchain technology. Have also been incorporated to speed up. The flow of funds which in turn keeps costs down for the Retailer and Shopper alike.






Milestones Visit the Timeline to know more about the AussieDigital project.

Whitepaper Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the AussieDigital project.

Team: To know more about the AussieDigital team and their experiences Click HERE


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