Bancryp (Round2)

Rewards: 40 XBNC ~ $10 +ref 

Bancryp is a cryptobank with exponential growth in Brazil and Latin America and, consequently, in other countries.

Bancryp is airdropping 40 XBANC tokens to each airdrop participant.  Also earn 10 XBANC tokens for each referral.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Signup at Bancryp Website.
  2. Join Bancryp Telegram
  3. Follow them on Twitter
  4. Like and follow their Facebook page.
  5. Share this facebook post1 and this post2.
  6. Follow them on Instagram.
  7. Follow them on medium.
  8. Subscribe to their youtube channel.
  9. And finally submit the details to this Airdrop form.

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