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Airdrop Details

Tokens 18 BAZ
Est. value $1.08
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 2,500,000 BAZ
Referral Yes
End in na
Price/Token $0.06
Bazooka Airdrop is 18 BAZ tokens worth of $1.08 to each airdrop participant. To participate, sign up at bazooka website, join airdrop bot, complete social tasks and submit all your details to the bot to receive 18 BAZ tokens worth $1.08. Also, invite friends and earn 4 BAZ tokens for each referral.
Bazooka airdrop

Steps for Bazooka Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Bazooka website and verify your email id.
    2. Start chat with Telegram Bot.
    3. Join their Telegram Group  and  Telegram channel. (mandatory + 3 BAZ)
    4. Follow them on  Twitter page.(mandatory + 3 BAZ)
    5. Like their Facebook Page. (mandatory + 3 BAZ)
    6. Join the Advisor's Telegram Channel. (optional + 3 BAZ)
    7. Submit your ETH address and other details to the bot.
    8. Also, invite friends and earn 4 BAZ tokens for each referral.
    9. Airdrop tokens will be distributed on April 25, 2020.

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions :

Desiairdrops Review



Bazooka is an ERC-20 Token, based on Blockchain technology with a limitless digital currency that aims to revolutionize the E-Gaming, Sports betting and E-commerce industry. Further, this platform with active use cases in E-Gaming, Sports betting, E-commerce will be mutually beneficial for Investors and also, contributors. This transparency with P2P support makes it also impossible for malicious attempts because to happen on the network.

Bazooka’s unique service allows investors and also, contributors to stash up their wins and then cash out from the comfort of your home in fiat currencies or crypto-currencies also. Further, All pay-outs, unit distributions, spinning-program winning are decentralized and completely verifiable on the blockchain. This transparency with P2P support makes it impossible for a malicious attempts to happen on the network. It is already listed on Coinmarketcap.


Whitepaper  Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the Bazooka project.

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