Rewards: 10 w ~ $10 +Ref

Beowulf is a US-based B2B platform providing communication services via a decentralized cloud network of computing resources worldwide. As Beowulf’s proprietary platform for both enterprises and personal use, QUICKOM is a inbound calling/messaging solution that gives privacy control over communications back to the user via QR codes.

To celebrate the new partnership with Beowulf, Kryptono invites its users try out QUICKOM services. Rewards will be in the form of W coins. 1 W coin is pegged to 1 USD on the Beowulf Blockchain.

Steps for Airdrop:

    1. Register at Kryptono exchange
    2. Sign up at Beowulf with your Kryptono account email. (+ 5 W)
    3. Start chat with Beowulf Airdrop Bot.
    4. Join Beowulf Telegram Group. (+ 5 W)
    5. Invite your friends to receive 20% referral bonus.
    6. Find more about this promotion Here.

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