BlueBaikal 2

Rewards: 1300 BBC ~$20 +Ref

BLUE BAIKAL is a blockchain platform that connects entertainment content producers, individual content media (influencers), and content consumers to maximize the growth and profits of the entertainment business, and provides an ideal ecosystem for fair distribution of profits.

Blue baikal is airdropping 1300 BBC tokens to each airdrop participant. Refer friends and get 50 BBC on each successful referrals and additional 25 BBC for your FRIENDS refer.

Steps for Airdrop:

    1. Sign up and verify email at BlueBaikal Website.
    2. Visit BlueBaikal Airdrop form.
    3. Submit email & ETH wallet Address.
    4. Join BlueBaikal Telegram.
    5. Follow them on Twitter.
    6. Like & follow their Facebook page.
    7. Follow them on Instagram.
    8. Submit your Blue Baikal website ID and other details to claim 1300 BBC tokens.
    9. Refer friends and get 50 BBC on each successful referrals.
    10. You will also receive additional 25 BBC for each verified references your FRIENDS refer.

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Have a Happy Airdropping !