BTT by CryptoAdventure

BTT by CryptoAdventure

Rewards: 1000 $BTT + Ref

BTT Airdrop by CryptoAdventure is 1000 $BTT tokens. Cryptoadventure is running an exclusive $BTT Airdrop in collaboration with Bitrue Exchange. Also, Invite your friends to earn 50 $BTT tokens for every referral.

About CryptoAdventure:

CryptoAdventure helps crypto enthusiasts with their crypto journey and provides daily cryptocurrency-related content from news to in-depth reviews of companies, ICO, coins, beginners guides as well as other related posts Crypto Adventure is composed of crypto enthusiasts committed to spread the word about cryptocurrencies and help out new joiners with their crypto adventure!

BTT Airdrop

Steps for BTT Airdrop: 

    1. Start a chat with  Telegram Bot.
    2. Sign up at Bitrue Exchange  (mandatory 200 $BTT)
    3. Join Crypto Adventure on Telegram. (mandatory, 200 $BTT )
    4. Also, join Bitrue Telegram Group (mandatory, 200 $BTT)
    5. Follow Bitrue on Twitter (mandatory, 200 $BTT )
    6. Also, follow Crypto Adventure on Twitter (mandatory, 100 $BTT)
    7. Like & Retweet this (optional, 50 $BTT
    8. Finally, submit your TRX20 (TRON) wallet ID  & other details to the Bot.
    9. Also, Invite your friends to earn 50 $BTT tokens for every referral.

Note: – Event will end on 07.01.2020 and distribution will start 30.01.2020 to your provided wallet! Also rewards details placed below.

5 randomly users will get 10000 $BTT each.
100k $BTT 1 st place
50k $BTT 2nd place
25k $BTT 3rd place

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions:

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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