Rewards: 500 XXI ~ $125

CenturyX is the 21st Century Exchange which seeks to successfully combine technological reliability and scalability, infrastructural comprehensiveness, transparency and highly secured trading platform for Cryptocurrency users/traders.

CenturyX is airdropping 100 to 500 XXI tokens to each airdrop participant. Join the bounty and invite friends to earn more points to position yourself at 1 to 2000 position. Members with 1-10 will receive 100 tokens and upto 2000 position will receive 100 XXI tokens.

Steps for Airdrop: 

  1. Signup at Airdrop page with your ETH and Email address.
  2. Verify your Email and join their Telegram group. (100 Points)
  3. Follow their Twitter account. (Optional) 100 Points
  4. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel. (Optional) 100 Points
  5. Follow their Instagram account. (Optional) 100 Points
  6. Gain at least 300 Points to be counted as valid entry.

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                                                   Have a Happy Airdropping !