Rewards : CDEX ~ $25

Collective is a Guernsey-based Fintech Company which developed a crypto ecosystem and core of which is the community management company dedicated exclusively to the incubation and management of ITOs. This is where The Collective is uniquely poised to bring value to your project. With access to massive real users and followers, and a highly effective team of crypto enthusiasts we can bring the trust back into the crowdfund and provide a robust and engaged community of people who love your idea.

Collective is airdroping first 20,000 participants will receive $25 USD tokens. Each contest consists of a grand prize winner of $100,000 USD & 2nd PRIZE winner of  $25,000 USD.

Steps For Airdrop:

  1. Sign up with Collective Website and verify your email.
  2. Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet their pinned tweet (#CDEX #traderone #thecollectiveICO).
  3. Join their Facebook group, like and share their pinned post.
  4. Join their Telegram group and ask a thoughtful question about the project .
  5. Subscribe to their Reddit page, upvote any one of their posts .
  6. Submit all the details in the Airdrop Form.
  7. Create unique post  Social Media Contest Form in any of your social media platforms.( $750,000 USD )
  8. Also, earn additional CDEX tokens by participating in the Social media contest. 
  9. And bounty task in their Telegram group. also add friends to this official group (+100 CDEX)

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Have Happy Airdroping!