Comno Network

Rewards: 100 CMO~$20

Comno Airdrop is 100 CMO tokens worth of $20 to each airdrop participants. Also sign up and complete the social tasks to claim your tokens.

Comno is a decentralized self-institutional token recolonizing the crypto market space through Blockchain, Fintech, and investment. Comno is breaching the gab between physical asset and digital asset, it is giving a new wave on how we can invest and make profit on the technological space.

Steps for Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Comno Network Website.
    2. Login into dashboard and click on “Airdrop“.
    3. Claim free airdrop for creating a CMO account. ( 7 CMO)
    4. Join their Telegram Group.  (9 CMO)
    5. Like and follow them on Facebook Page and give a positive review. (14 CMO)
    6. Share their at-least one Post. (30 CMO)
    7. Follow them on Twitter and retweet one tweet. (24 CMO)
    8. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel. (15 CMO)

Have a Happy Airdropping !

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