Rewards: 3 STAR~$30+Ref

Constant Airdrop is 3 STAR tokens worth $30 to their community members. To participate, Start Airdrop Bot and complete simple social tasks. Also, Invite your friends to get 10 %  for each referral.

About Constant Airdrop:

Constant Airdrop is not a financial instrument. No interest will be paid on any funds or other assets held in your Constant account and all assets directly held by us are not insured by them or, except as set forth below, any third party or any government agency. They work with independent third-party financial institutions such as Prime Trust to provide cash management.  People are trapped in centralized systems designed to profit a select few. The money sits languishing in even the best bank accounts, steadily losing value as inflation rises. Loans are hard to access, and even more difficult to repay. It is easier to fly to some places than it is to send money there. Billions of global-thinking people lack the means or opportunity to even begin thinking about financial freedom.

Constant Airdrop

Steps for Constant Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Constant Website and verify your email id.
    2. Start chat with Telegram Bot.
    3. Join their Telegram group.
    4. Follow them on Twitter page.
    5. Like and follow them on Facebook Page.
    6. Follow them on Medium.
    7. Finally, submit your details in the bot.
    8. Also, Invite friends and earn 10% for each referral.

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions:

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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