Rewards: 15K DCN ~ $15 + Ref 

Dentacoin is developing the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry that relies on an intelligent Assurance model, a set of incentivized apps and an industry-specific cryptocurrency to make preventive care affordable and improve dental health globally.

The Dentacoin team is celebrating New Year and Christmas with an exclusive airdrop for LATOKEN users and airdropping 15.000 DCN tokens to each member.  Invite friends and receive an additional 1.000 DCN for each. Maximum airdrop amount is 25.000 DCN.

Steps for Airdrop: 

  1. Sign up at LATOKEN and complete Tier 2 verification.
  2. Subscribe for Dentacoin email updates using this form.
  3. Follow Dentacoin Telegram and submit your telegram nickname in social widget.
  4. Follow Dentacoin Twitter and Dentacoin Facebook.
  5. Take a 1-minute welcome survey and register on DentaVox (registration comes after the survey)
  6. Submit your details using social bar on Airdrop page Denta Airdrop page.
  7. Use your unique referral to invite friends and earn 1,000 DCN.
  8. Follow LATOKEN Twitter and LATOKEN Telegram for more airdrop announcements!

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