Rewards : 150 ERE~ $10

Erecoin wants to build efficient, clear and uncomplicated transaction processes to help to establish Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) as a key manufacturing method in the future. Individuals and companies, regardless of their geographical location, will be able to design, modify, buy and produce products.

Erecoin is airdropping for first 10,000 participants 150 ERE tokens worth of $10.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Join their Telegram Group.
  2. Follow them Twitter and retweet this post.
  3. Follow them on  Facebook
  4. Post the participated proof into the Bitcointalk.
  5. Finally submit all the details into the Airdrop Form. 
  6. Upvote the Erecoin Airdrop and also comment on Airdrop Page.