Rewards: 350 GXM ~$70 + Ref 

Grailum is the new generation crypto currency just like Bitcoin. The Grailum is just a way to let two entities confidently trade directly with one another, without the need to rely on any intermediaries.

They are currently offering two types of AirDrop to help the Grailum Blockchain grow and being used on a wider community. The AirDrop program will change over time with different promotions so please check in here for last updates.

Steps for Airdrop: 

  1. Register a member account at or (100 GXM)
  2. Install the Grailum wallet on your computer and copy wallet Address from receive tab.
  3. Login to your BootTrader account and copy your User ID.
  4. Open a ticket to request free BootTrader Bonus with your user ID and Wallet ID.
  5.  You might receive a mail to re-verify your wallet with screenshot of Installed wallet App.
  6.  Once ticket is resolved, you would get 250 GXM tokens to your wallet.
  7. Invite friends to Grailum to get a 20% Airdrop GXM on any sale to one of your referrals.

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Have a Happy Airdropping !