Rewards: 32 KNL~$na+Ref

KNL is a token that provides access to investment projects on our platform, issued by the Kernel-Trade Platform digital asset fund. The KNL retention requirement is mandatory for the Kernel-Trade platform, since it guarantees all payments. KNL’s good liquidity, which stimulates the demand for a token and protects both investors and the platform from market volatility, allows investors to plan investments more thoroughly.

KNL is airdropping 32 KNL tokens to each airdrop participant. Invite friends to earn 1 KNL tokens worth of  $0.1 for each referral.

Steps for Airdrop:

    1. Start chat with Telegram Airdrop Bot. (Follow bot description)
    2. Join their Telegram Group and Telegram Channel.
    3. Follow them on Twitter.
    4. Follow them on Reddit.
    5. Verify your email id and submit email id to the bot.
    6. Submit your ETH wallet details to the bot.
    7. Invite friends to earn 1 KNL tokens for each referral.

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Have a Happy Airdropping !