Rewards:  20 KUV ~ $20 + Ref

Kuverit innovative mainstream solution will combine peer to peer guarantee trading, designed to eradicate peer to peer fraud, with the world’s first “fully independent” specified blockchain insurance company, designed to protect everything for everyone, everywhere.

Kuverit is airdropping 20 KUV tokens worth $20 for each airdrop participants. Also invite friends to earn get 5 KUV tokens for each referral.

Steps For Airdrop:

  1. Sign up with Kuverit  and verify your email.
  2. Start chat with Kuverit Airdrop Bot.
  3. Like their Facebook page  and share this post . (5 kuv)
  4. Follow their Twitter and retweet this tweet .(5 kuv)
  5. Also invite friends to earn 5 KUV tokens for each referral.

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