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Airdrop Details

Tokens 5000 EUR in LCG and 2500 EUR in BTC
Est. value $500 & $250
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 2,500,000,000 LCG
Referral Yes
End in 30-04-2020
Price/Token € 0.10
LCG Energy
LCG Energy Contest is win up to 5000 EUR in LCG 2500 EUR in BTC to their community members. To participate, join the LCG contest, complete the social media task to earn more points and also, invite your friends to earn 10 points for each referral.
LCX Energy Contest

Steps for LCG Energy Contest:

      1. Visit the LCG Energy Contest Page.
      2. Click on "Join Now" and submit your details.
      3. Verify your email id and login to the bounty page.
      4. Complete the Social media task and earn more points.
      5. Also, invite your friends and earn 10 points for each referral.


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LCG Energy :


The LCG Energy company has existed for almost 10 years with the mission. And to make Energy accessible and available. At the lowest price possible to individual consumers and small to medium-sized businesses. Also, the company has substantial experience in energy trading (gas, electricity and renewable energies) and. Further As an energy contractor, in the optimization of energy consumption with the help of Smart Meters. Innovative technology is superior to the old-fashioned electricity meters that provide much more flexibility and the option to transfer and analyze valuable consumption data. With the introduction of Blockchain technology.

To the world and its rapid adoption in the last few years by huge corporations. Such as IBM, the company recognized the benefits the technology could offer to the energy sector. The LCG Group ecosystem is powered by the LCG Group Token (LCG). The LCG Token will be usable for a wide array of services such as to cover electricity needs as a payment method, to provide investment options, to access energy-related services and products in the LCG ecosystem and more.


Milestones – Visit the Roadmap Here to know more about the LCG project.

Whitepaper  Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the LCG project.

Team To know more about the LCG Team and their experiences Click Here.

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