Rewards: 25k GEND ~$ TBA 

Legendary coin with Legendary exchange and staking platform. It is a decentralized wallet with stacking and locking concept. Receive 20,000 GEND Token + 40,000 GEND Token in every friend you refer. Also participant who has the most numbers of legit Referral will get additional 0.5 ETH.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Join the Telegram group.
  2. Follow their Twitter page and retweet last two latest tweets with #Price 1 ETH = 100M GEND #BestICO #BuyNow #GEND_Airdrop #GEND_SelfAirdrop #GEND_ICO
  3. Like their Facebook page and like, share two latest posts with hashtag #Price 1 ETH = 100M GEND #BestICO #BuyNow #GEND_Airdrop #GEND_SelfAirdrop #GEND_ICO
  4. Join Telegram and post a positive comment on project.
  5. Finally submit Ether wallet and other details to Airdrop form.


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