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Ampleforth Governance

Ampleforth Governance


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 4
  • 4.3
  • 4.1

Airdrop Details

Tokens TBA
Est. value FORTH
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 15,000,000 FORTH
Referral No
End in
Price/Token 1 FORTH = $42.34

Ampleforth Governance


AmpleForth governance tokens have arrived. Anybody who has interacted with the AMPL ecosystem on-chain can claim a portion of the network! To claim the AmpleForth governance tokens airdrop go to ampleforth platform and claim.

Ampleforth airdrop

Steps for claiming Ampleforth airdrop:

  1. Whoever has interacted AMPL ecosystem on-chain before the snapshot is eligible to claim the airdrop.
  2. Visit this link to claim
  3. Connect to your ERC20 wallet
  4. And, Claim the tokens.


The AMPL protocol automatically adjusts supply in response to demand. When price is high, wallet balances increase. When price is low, wallet balances decrease. AMPL is non-dilutive. Supply adjustments are applied universally and proportionally across every wallet’s balance. This means your percent ownership of the network remains fixed. Today’s cryptocurrenices are dangerously correlated. AMPL’s unique incentives allow it to decouple from Bitcoin’s price pattern. This reduces systematic risk by adding diversity to a homogeneous ecosystem.

Like precious metals, today’s fixed supply cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to sudden shocks in demand and cannot be used to denominate complex contracts. As a result, sophisticated economies cannot be built upon them. AMPL is the simplest direct solution to the supply inelasticity problem. The unique incentives, movement pattern, and monetary qualities of AMPL, make it ideally suited for the following near, medium, and long term use cases. AMPL’s smart contract design allows the increase and decrease of supply to be automatically executed without any need for a transfer between peers, and without the need for a bank.

The monetary protocol automatically adjusts the supply of AMPL across all user wallets based on price. This means the number of AMPL you own changes based on market conditions. When price is high wallet balances automatically increase. When price is low wallet balances automatically decrease. This supply adjustment operation happens once per day and is called a rebase. At a high level, the policy contract reflects price changes in the market as supply changes in wallet balances. This in-turn incentivizes market actors to adjust price. Price informs supply algorithmically and supply informs price behaviorally, in a cycle.


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