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APENFT x CoinMarketCap

APENFT x CoinMarketCap


Desiairdrops Ratings

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Airdrop Details

Est. value $160,000
Protocol TRC20
Total Supply 40 Billion APENFT
Referral No
End in June 2, 2021

APENFT x CoinMarketCap

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APENFT x CoinMarketCap giveaway of 40 Billion APENFT worth $160,000. To participate in this airdrop sign up on CoinMarketCap and complete social media tasks like follow them on twitter, join their telegram group and finally submit your TRON address.


APENFT x CoinMarketCap Aidrop


Steps for APENFT x CoinMarketCap Airdrop registration:

  1. Sign in or create CoinMarketCap account.
  2. Visit APENFT x CoinMarketCap airdrop page.
  3. Add APENFT (NFT) to your Coinmarketcap watchlist.
  4. Follow APENFT on Twitter, retweet about APENFT (NFT) Airdrop with #APENFT and @ Three friends.
  5. Join the APENFT Telegram Group.
  6. Finally submit your TRON address.


Art is the wealth of mankind, yet it is often in the hands of a few. To ensure
equal access to artworks, we need a better trading system and the innovation of
technology. The unprecedented marriage between blockchain and artworks, where
NFT technology is a prime representative, is reshaping the art world, making artworks
accessible again for all. The growing market economy has pushed up people’s demand for artworks and
many of them are already collecting artworks. However, the intrinsic drawbacks with
the traditional trading market remain unresolved and have thus caused great difficulty
for the masses who wish to trade artworks. First and foremost, ordinary people cannot afford to purchase artworks. Art
enthusiasts must have thought of the idea of owning certain art pieces at one point or
another. Yet, the extreme scarcity of premium artworks has driven up the prices at
auctions to record highs. Most people are therefore left discouraged by the staggering
amount of money, and deprived of opportunities of enjoying the value appreciation of
the artwork market. Second, experts find it difficult to tell real artworks from counterfeits. Previously
experts usually distinguish real art pieces by assessing the common practices of their
creators and the touch of papers, but rapid advancement in fabrication technology has
made it even harder for professionals to do so, thereby compromising the trust and
authenticity of the market. Besides, transactions in the art market are private and
ambiguous in nature, making the authentication of artworks even harder.

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