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Apollo Fintech

Apollo Fintech


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.9
  • 4
  • 4

Airdrop Details

Est. value $60
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply NA
Referral No
End in
Price/Token $3.3

Apollo Fintech

Apollo Fintech Airdrop is 200 GSX tokens worth of 60$ to each community member. To participate, join their social media channels, complete simple tasks and submit to Airdrop form. This airdrop campaign will end within 2-3 weeks, in which distribution will shortly follow!

apollo fintech airdrop


$teps for Apollo Fintech Airdrop: 

  1. Follow Apollo Currency on Twitter (50 GSX)
  2. Follow the CEO of Apollo Fintech on Twitter (50 GSX)
  3. Join Apollo Currency’s Telegram Group (50 GSX)
  4. Join Apollo Currency’s Telegram Channel (50 GSX)
  5. Finally, submit your details to this Airdrop Form.



Introducing Gold Secured Currency, also known as GSX, a revolutionary stable coin that gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value while also facilitating growth in value. GSX blends many of the best elements of cryptocurrency into one secured coin.

The way Gold Secured Currency works is 25% of the profit made from all of Apollo Fintech’s international product sales and transaction fees, as well as the majority of profits from its 3,700 acre gold and platinum mine, will go to buying gold and precious metal rich land to back GSX. All increases in this gold and land value will be tracked and displayed weekly, so owners of GSX can watch as its asset value consistently grows. All holders of GSX will be partial owners in the rights to Apollo Fintech’s Precious metal mine, this is because the rights to this claim has been put into a trust and the holders of GSX have been named the beneficiaries of these rights.


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