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Airdrop Details

Tokens 10000000 $BFIC
Est. value $120000
Protocol BEP20
Total Supply TBA
Referral Yes
End in January 4, 2022


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BficCoin airdrop of 10000000 $BFIC worth $120000 will be given to all valid users, participate in the airdrop and get up to 1500 $BFIC worth $18000, get 200 $BFIC worth $3000 for a referral. To participate in this airdrop complete the tasks.

BficCoin Airdrop

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  2. Follow them on twitter and retweet the pinned post.
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  6. Complete the given tasks and submit your details.


A new cryptocurrency created by fans of the BFIC online community. He is the reward holder of super deflation and static reflection. BFIC is the fastest decentralized network of the time that let anyone make easier and secure payment processing. BFIC is a Decentralized Financial Coin built on 3rd Generation Blockchain technology and supported by a massive utility based eco-system. BFIC has one simple motive, to build a crypto-based “Digital Economy” like none of the other crypto currencies could. To become the backbone of world trade, BFIC Protocol integrates a general ledger (in the accounting sense of the term), which are: universal: because it is designed to support 100% of global transactions, regardless of currency, legislation or language. BFIC is built to last and smart: because unlike an existing standard accounting book, BFIC Protocol is at the origin of the exchanges and integrates a computerized trade code, as well as the management of a multitude of payment terms. Innovation Factory introduced BFIC, a Crypto Coin designed to create its own utility and support a digital economic system. With 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology, massive scalability and an enormous utility based Eco-System, BFIC is the inevitable future of the Crypto Industry. BFIC is a next-generation network based on the 3rd Generation Blockchain technology for digital transactions and a platform for creating and managing decentralized financial services in real-time. BFIC Blockchain is a three-tiered blockchain technology that combines the features of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron. It is a Third-Generation blockchain technology that aims to address basic faults such as scalability and interoperability, implying that blockchain should withstand mass adoption while avoiding issues such as sluggish transaction times and closed systems. It is a blockchain for digital transactions as well as a platform for building and administering real-time decentralized financial services. The BficCoin network’s unprecedented speed and decentralization make it a pioneer of third-generation Blockchain. Lower Transactions Costs compared to other blockchain. Data Storage cost for decentralized projects is low. Assets can be tokenized to circulate in Ethereum and other networks.

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