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CoinMarketCap x LOCG

CoinMarketCap x LOCG


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.5
  • 3.3
  • 3.1

Airdrop Details

Tokens $LOCG
Est. value 100,000 $LOCG
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 100,000 $LOCG
Referral Yes
End in June 16, 2021
Price/Token $0.12

CoinMarketCap x LOCG

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CoinMarketCap x LOCG giveaway of $500 worth of $LOCG tokens to 3 lucky winners and a pool prize 100,000 $LOCG to 1000 lucky winners. To participate in this giveaway, login to the contest page, follow them on twitter, join their telegram community. Complete the tasks to be the lucky winner and also get extra points for referral.

CoinMarketCap x LOCG

Steps for CoinMarketCap x LOCG Giveaway registration:

  1. Visit the contest page.
  2. Log in to the contest page.
  3. Complete the social media tasks to earn entry points.
  4. Also get points for each referral.


LegendsOfCrypto is a brand new NFT collectible and trading card game that runs on top of decentralized blockchain; supported by Ethereum and Matic Networks. Our NFTs come with an exciting twist, as they will feature prominent crypto influencers and characters as collectible digital artwork. With the amazing ecosystem of best in the business partners supporting us, we couldn’t be more excited for this pivotal moment in NFT history. Now is the time, and we are here, ready to put in the work to create an evergreen snapshot of history. Here at LOC, we want to celebrate the contributions and image of real world characters that have moved markets, changed the course of history, and provided valuable solutions with their creativity, charisma, and leadership. Blockchain technology helps us accomplish our vision by introducing various gamified systems to collect, play, earn rewards and have fun at the same time; all with our beautiful NFT cards! We are well on the path to create the next best thing in NFTs. “This era will pass, but the Legends of Crypto will stay, and be a living history of cryptocurrencies triumph”. Mik Mironov, Founder of LOC Game. Moving forward, these investors will form an integral part of the LOC platform and will play key strategic roles to help us achieve our set out mission. We will continuously collaborate with our investors to help deliver on our promise to all users and the greater crypto community. In this regard, the investors have reiterated their commitment to the pursuit of common goals within the LOC roadmap through long-term relationships.

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