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Cryowar Airdrop

Cryowar Airdrop


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.9
  • 3.6
  • 3.8

Airdrop Details

Est. value $275000
Protocol SOLANA
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Referral No
End in
Price/Token $1.61

Cryowar Airdrop

Cryowar Airdrop of $50 to 110 lucky winners which is now worth of $275000 , 100 is been given to SNP token stakers with a minimum of 2500 $SNP. To participate in this airdrop, visit their airdrop page and complete the given task.

Cryowar Airdrop

Steps for Cryowar Airdrop registration;

  1. Submit your wallet address.
  2. Join their the official telegram group.
  3. Join their official announcement channel.
  4. Follow @PawelSynapse on twitter.


MULTIPLAYER NFT cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and on the Solana network.
AMALGAM Cryowar is an amalgam between traditional gaming experience and best practices of the blockchain world, DAO voting, NFT, and decentralized finance (DEFI).DEFLATIONARY a gaming ecosystem with deflationary mechanisms that integrates staking with gameplay, allowing RPG stakers to earn better rewards through increasing their in-game skill and experience levels. MULTI-BLOCKCHAIN MEDIEVAL METAVERSE our endgame is the creation of a multi-blockchain Medieval Metaverse without boundaries
FEATURING vc CROSS-PLATFORM MULTIPLAYER, 8 UNIQUE CHARACTERS, SKILL-BASED GAMEPLAY. We’re proud to announce that nothing in the Cryowar in-game store offers any player a competitive advantage over another. Everyone fights on an even playing field, and only skill can carry you up the ranks. Life is short and we don’t expect you to take 30 minutes out of your day to complete a single match. Our frantic battles last 3 minutes or less, allowing you to enjoy a quick and exciting round, whenever and wherever you want. At the start of every match, Cryowar randomly cycles through a pool of level objectives. changing them on the fly. As a player, you need to be prepared to instantly adapt to whatever the game throws at you. Get in there and show what you’re made of. n the world of Cryowar, mighty heroes wielding god-like technology clash on sacred battlegrounds. Each has different playstyle, skills, and story. Pair them in groups of two, customize their powers and dominate the battlefield. Your way. A walking fortress with unprecedented might and resolve, who combines ancient tactics with the annihilating firepower of the Gods.

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