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DeFine Art

DeFine Art


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.3
  • 3.5
  • 3.7

Airdrop Details

Tokens USDT
Est. value $10
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply $7800
Referral No
End in May 13, 2021
Price/Token $1

DeFine Art


Define Art airdrop on Blockzone worth $7800 to its community members. To participate in Define Art airdrop join their telegram community, follow them on twitter, find your favorite art or artist on their marketplace and submit their name, finally submit your TRC20 wallet address.

Define art and blockzone airdrop

Steps for DefineArt airdrop registration:

  1. Sign up on Blockzone.
  2. Click on Define art airdrop.
  3. Join Define art telegram community.
  4. Follow them on twitter.
  5. Copy page your favorite artist or art name.
  6. Submit your TRC20 wallet address.


Be the first owner of the latest artworks and collectibles from top Korean digital artists. Participate in NFT auctions with decentralized bids. Initial auction types include English Auction, Dutch Auction, and Fixed swap auction. Add value to your NFTs with our decentralized art storage gallery. Mint your artwork, music and videos creations into NFTs within seconds. Tokenize your artworks to get advance payment and unlock more liquidity to collectors. An affordable and riskless way to invest in NFT artworks. A cross-chain payment option for the entire Korean NFT ecosystem. Participate in the decision-making and development of DeFine Art ecosystem. Earn DFA token by becoming an active participant on the DeFine Art platform. Cross-platform token airdrops to top NFT creators and collectors. Cross-platform token airdrops to top NFT creators and collectors. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are becoming an increasingly popular concept
in the Asia community, specically in Korea. Over the recent months, we
can see the fusion of real-world assets and blockchain technology in many
aspects with digital art, music & videos, gaming, collectibles and
decentralized nancial assets being tokenized into digital assets. However,
in Korea a community-governed digital asset ecosystem is missing even
though the trend for NFTs has grown exponentially. DeFine Art is the rst
Asia-focused NFT platform that aims to support a wide range of
tokenizable assets within multiple industries including arts, music, gaming
and more.

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