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Airdrop Details

Tokens 591440 $DFYN
Est. value 591440 $DFYN
Protocol POLYGON
Total Supply 249,599,675 $DFYN
Referral No
End in
Price/Token 0.94 $DYFN


Dfyn is a total airdrop of 591440 $DFYN to early supporters. To participate in this airdrop, users should have either provided liquidity or should have made a trade by the snapshot time will get 80 $DFYN.

DFYN airdrop

Steps for Dfyn airdrop registration:.

  1. On May 1st 23:59:59 (UTC) a snapshot was taken.
  2. Users who’ve provided liquidity or have made a trade by the snapshot time will be getting 80 $DFYN.
  3. The users who is eligible for both trade and liquidity will be getting 160 $DFYN.
  4. The addresses who were eligible for this airdrop was a total of 5382 . Eligible addresses can be found here..


On May 21, we announced an airdrop of DFYN tokens to our community of early supporters. To qualify for the airdrop, participants had to be liquidity provider on Dfyn Exchange, or swap assets on Dfyn prior to the May 1 cutoff date. After updating the DFYN Graph node, the numbers have changed. While the number of swappers have remained the same, the number of liquidity providers eligible for the airdrop have went up. Earlier, we announced 75$ Dfyn airdrop for all the swappers. We are excited to let all of you know that the number has changed to 80 $DFYN. Not only that, previously our entire budget for Liquidity Provider’s airdrop was 112,850 $DFYN which is now changed to 178,480 $DFYN. To make things simpler and due to a variety of technical reasons — we have changed the airdrop to a flat $80 DFYN airdrop for all the swappers and liquidity providers. A total of 591,440 $DFYN tokens will be airdropped to the community over the period of the next 1 month. There will be no claim function for the airdrop — since the airdrop tokens will be directly dispersed to the wallets of airdrop recipients. The airdrop will take place on the Polygon network.

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