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Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.9
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  • 3.7

Airdrop Details

Tokens 300,000 $EBA
Est. value 300,000 $EBA
Protocol BEP20
Total Supply TBA
Referral Yes
End in October 21, 2021
Price/Token TBA

Elpis Battle

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Elpis Battle is a total airdrop of  300,000 $EBA to 1000 lucky winners. To participate in this airdrop, visit their airdrop page and complete all the given tasks.

Elpis battle airdrop

Steps for Elpis Battle airdrop registration:

  1. Visit their airdrop page.
  2. Follow them on twitter and retweet their pinned post.
  3. Join their discord server.
  4. Visit their website.
  5. Join them on telegram group and channel.
  6. Complete all the given tasks and submit your details.



From time immemorial, there was a great battle between the races on the Earth. The battle not only caused heavy losses to the races but also devastated the environment and nature on Earth. Unable to come to a peace treaty, the eight ultimate mages gathered and unleashed their supreme magic, affecting the Earth’s entire surface. This most extraordinary magic shattered and split the land into eight continents and prevented them from uniting by a layer of magic. This magic wall also made the races not realize the isolation of these continents. Over the millennia, the races continued to live and grow. The story of the endless war, the eight mages, and the sealing class live as ancient legends. When the stars align, this is the time when the seal is weakest in its entire existence. A mysterious force took advantage of this to break the seal. Without the sealing class, the continents shook and fused together to one original form. A more open world with many mysterious creatures and strange new lands is opened. The races will have to choose between conflict or learn to live in peace. You will begin your journey with teammates, perhaps of different races, to explore this new world and find out what destroyed the ancient magic. The game players own their characters, items, skills, and pets in NFTs. These NFTs can be sent, received, or traded on the marketplace. We want players to feel relaxed every time they play Elpis Battle. Although more complex mechanisms will be built up, making the game more challenging, this addition will make players feel more excited, engaging, and less tedious.

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