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Desiairdrops Ratings

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Airdrop Details

Tokens 650,000 $GHX
Est. value $50000
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply $880,000,000
Referral No
End in January 11, 2022
Price/Token $0.09239


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GamerHash airdrop of $50000 in $GHX will be given to 2500 lucky winners, join the airdrop and get up to 260 $GHX. To participate in this airdrop complete the given tasks.

GamerHash airdrop

Steps for GamerHash airdrop registration:

  1. Add GamerHash to CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  2. Follow them on twitter, tweet the pinned post with #Gamercoin #GamerHash and tag 3 friends.
  3. Join their telegram group.
  4. Follow Autur P on twitter.
  5. Follow their Facebook and YouTube channel.
  6. Complete the given tasks and submit your details.




GamerCoin is a token of the GamerHash platform, which already supports over half a million gamers. GHX can be earned in many ways – through cryptocurrency mining or gaming on the platform. Players who hold GHX tokens will get access to dedicated events and will see special offers in the platform’s store. Team comprises developers, security experts, marketing and community specialists who work every day to better the GamerHash ecosystem. Thanks to this, our users can seamlessly become a part of the blockchain technology and most importantly earn funds, hassle-free. GHX can be bought on reputable exchanges or from other users. GHX will be added to mining daily income – there is monthly limit 10.000 USD in GHX tokens in first 30 months. Get GHX while playing games – there is monthly limit 50.000 USD in GHX tokens for 30 months. Available soon! order products from GamerHash Store with additional bonus. Access to dedicated competitions / events for GHX hodlers. Hodl GHX to receive rewards & bonuses in GamerHash ecosystem. As the process of exchanging cryptocurrency to fiat money can be costly and long, we have created a GHX Store, where users can easily change their cryptocurrency earnings into digital (and not only) products! There are +600 of them in the store, and we got you covered with all the gamer needs: games, pre-paid cards, and many more!

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