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Airdrop Details

Tokens 10 NFT
Est. value 10 NFT
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply TBA
Referral No
End in October 22, 2021
Price/Token TBA


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Geopoly is a total airdrop of 10 exclusive NFTs to lucky participants. To participate in this airdrop, visit their airdrop page and complete all the given tasks.

Geopoly airdrop

Steps for Geopoly airdrop registraion:

  1. Visit their airdrop page.
  2. Follow them on twitter and retweet their pinned post.
  3. Join their telegram group and channel.
  4. Join their discord server.
  5. Complete all the social media tasks and submit your details.


To celebrate the release of their On-Chain version of Geopoly, they will give 10 exclusive NFTs to 10 lucky winners. GEOPOLY is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent and buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all around the world. Available already on Android (with iOS and Web coming soon), it creates a fun and innovative on & off experience in 2 main interconnected gameplays. Explore, look for opportunities, rent, buy, invest and sell in the largest capitalist game in the world where the main goal is to generate as much revenue as possible and expand your business exponentially. You will start from the scratch and build up the greatest real-estate empire that the world has seen. But be aware, you will be competing with others. There’s a kind and benevolent way of doing businesses. Once we’ve launched the Tokens pre-sale, the next stage is to create a competitive + social feature that will engage users for a longer periods and create additional Sink (Burn) points for the economy. In this future PvP section, players will be able to attack each others’ Branches, steal resources as well defend theirs. The PvP will be an Asynchronous “Tower Attack” combat where the attackers must use an especial CONSUMABLE CURRENCY to send Robots, Drones and Satellites to Hack the mainframe on top of the enemies’ Branch and steal non-tokenized digital assets. The final objective of the game is to develop the “World’s Largest Real Estate Empire“. For them you should try to buy cheap … and sell expensive!


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