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$ 11,558.04

Ethereum (ETH)

$ 386.82


$ 0.281861

Tether (USDT)

$ 1.00

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 283.48

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

$ 205.24

Litecoin (LTC)

$ 54.75




Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.8
  • 4
  • 4

Airdrop Details

Tokens GCM
Est. value $5
Protocol GMC
Total Supply
Referral Yes
End in
Price/Token $0.5


Gokumarket airdrop 10 GMC worth $5. To participate in this airdrop sign up and complete your KYC verification. Also, you can refer your friend and earn an additional 10 GMC~$5.



Steps for Gokumarket airdrop registration : 

  1. Register at Gokumarket Exchange.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Complete the KYC verification.
  4. Also, you can refer your friends and get 10 GMC~$5.








GokuMarket is a marketplace full of real-world crypto use-cases for all the Cryptopians. Now everyone can trade and HODL their Gold as well! Trade gold-backed digital assets and send them around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. one marketplace for the blockchain economy that endowers the purchasing & utility power to registered users where they can trade using cryptocurrency.

The newly launched “Precious Metals Exchange” is first-of-its-kind says Chief Marketing Officer and continues to explain that invites all related projects too, so the global community can easily visit one place for all their needs in the Blockchain Economy. Also, this is Autobots Market: Choose a bot from the Autobots Market. For example, let the AI Arbitrage, Autobots trade automatically on your behalf and enjoy the results.

Therefore, GokuMarket is an independent contractor and not an agent of you in the performance of these Terms. So, These Terms not to be interpreted as evidence of an association, joint venture, partnership, or franchise between the parties. Any links to third-party websites from the Services does not imply endorsement by GokuMarket of any products, services or information presented therein, nor does GokuMarket guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on them.

In addition, since GokuMarket has no control over the terms of use or privacy practices of third-party websites, you should read and understand those policies carefully.  If you have questions regarding this agreement, please feel free to contact GokuMarket for clarification via our Customer Support team. Click here.

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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