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Airdrop Details

Tokens 300,000 $KMON
Est. value 300,000 $KMON
Protocol BEP20
Total Supply 1 Billion $KMON
Referral Yes
End in October 26, 2021
Price/Token $0.0066


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Kryptomon is giveaway of 300,000 $KMON to lucky participants. To participate in this airdrop, visit their giveaway page and complete all the simple social media tasks.

Kryptomon airdrop

Steps for Kryptomon airdrop registration:

  1. Visit their giveaway page.
  2. Follow them on twitter and retweet their pinned post with #Kryptomon.
  3. Join their telegram group and channel,
  4. Complete all the remaining tasks and submit your details.


This is where Kryptomon has a unique competitive advantage over the many crypto games out there. Our target audience isn’t just the 41.9 million crypto gamers, but all 2.5 billion gamers in the world. From every 18 year old who will pick up the easy to understand gameplay to all the 80’s kids feeling nostalgic for a little bit more of the Pokemon magic, Kryptomon wants YOU. The first step in realizing that dream is to get rid of that complex 8 step process described above just to buy $KMON, and this new partnership with Simplex will allow us to do precisely that! In the future, this means that just about anyone with a smartphone (yes, including that 18 year old kid with his 56 year old mom and dad) will be able to download the Kryptomon game onto their phone, which will come pre-loaded with a crypto wallet capable of storing $KMON. Via Simplex, they’ll be able to key in their debit/credit card details and purchase $KMON with fiat instantly, just like how you can purchase in game currency today with games like Clash of Clans or PUBG! From the start, Kryptomon has always been a game that we intended to bring to the general public. With the IDO now behind us, developmental focus has shifted back into making the game the best possible version of itself before the Phase 1 launch. That doesn’t mean we aren’t already planning for the future and with industry titans like Simplex standing behind Kryptomon, it really will be an exciting journey to see just where Kryptomon will end up in a year’s time.

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