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Airdrop Details

Tokens 180000 $MTG
Est. value $10800
Protocol BEP20
Total Supply 200000000 $MTG
Referral Yes
End in January 17, 2022


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MetaGunner airdrop of 180000 MTG worth $10800 to 4000 lucky winners, refer your friends, and get one extra entry. To participate in this airdrop complete the given tasks.

MetaGunner Airdrop

Steps for MetaGunner airdrop registration:

  1. Visit the airdrop page.
  2. Follow them on twitter and retweet the post.
  3. Join their telegram group, channel and discord server.
  4. Follow their medium and LinkedIn page.
  5. Like their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel.
  6. Complete the tasks given and submit your details.


MetaGunner is a Run-and-Gun game built on Binance Smart Chain, where you can immerse yourself in battles located in a barren wilderness inhabited by monsters. Developed with the play-to-earn model, MetaGunner allows users to own unique NFTs representing soldiers or weapons, fight monsters, and make a profit with those NFTs. Players who play MetaGunner can profit and own valuable NFTs with “virtual value equals real value.” Our ambitions are not only to create a game where users can entertain but also generate another source of income, which adds the value of labor. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic objects on the blockchain with special identification codes and metadata that differentiate them from one another. They cannot be sold or substituted for equivalency, unlike bitcoin. This is in contrast to fungible currencies, such as bitcoins, which may be used as a means of exchange since they are interchangeable. The special construction of each NFT allows for a wide range of applications. They are an excellent way to digitally represent real-world artifacts like real estate and artwork, for example. (Blockchain Council). NFTs in MetaGunner actually work in a relatively simple way. The assets used within MetaGunner are programmed as NFTs, which have value among players and collectors and can also be sold. Gaming has traditionally been play-to-win, where users buy items and upgrades that help them with no real economic return. The Play-to-Earn model in MetaGunner acts instead as a source of income for players who gain valuable rewards for their activities in a game.
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