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Airdrop Details

Tokens 1 NFT
Est. value 1 NFT
Protocol BEP-20
Total Supply 1 NFT
Referral No
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MISTNFT offers opportunity to the participants where the users will get a chance to  win one of 10 MIST in-game NFTs. To participate in this airdrop complete the social media tasks and receive the airdrop.

MIST-NFT Airdrop

Steps for MIST-NFT Airdrop registration:

  1. Follow them on twitter and retweet the post.
  2. Follow Cryptoworld_gg on twitter and retweet the post.
  3. Follow ScytheMistDev on twitter.
  4. Join their telegram page
  5. Join CryptoWorld telegram group.
  6. Complete the remaining tasks and submit your details.


You will take your first steps into the Mist universe, and be able to purchase NFT items in a revolutionary 3D, immersive storefront. Pets, weapons, armor, mounts, and more.

No more boring NFT “catalogue” marketplaces. Welcome to a revolutionary, fully immersive, 3D, in-game NFT marketplace in crypto.

Note: More info on the NFT Marketplace, including in-game controls, pricing, connectivity, and more will be available in the next few days. The Mist Marketplace is built to be fully accessible via a web page, browser game style — no heavy PC build requirements!

Not only will this world serve as NFT Marketplace, but this world will also gives players an introduction to Mist gameplay. This is an opportunity for players to test out the in-game controls!

Mist and Orion Protocol will continue their partnership with the Orion Pool AMM System.

We are very excited for this next step! Big thank you to the Orion team for all the help behind the scenes.

MIST to ‘self-list’ on Orion Pool: Orion’s AMM Solution

Recently, Orion announced its upcoming AMM solution: Orion Pool. Alongside the four starting pools, third party projects will be able to self-list their token on Orion Pool paired with ORN, enabling greater accessibility to assets on Orion Terminal.

Mist is proud to announce strategic backing from Rarestone Capital.
Rarestone is a highly-respected firm with an impressive portfolio of successful, groundbreaking, and cutting-edge products.

Their sweet spots include Digital Art (NFTs) and Gaming, among other things. For these reasons we are happy to work together, and believe that the collaboration will be fruitful.

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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