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Airdrop Details

Tokens 400000 $NT
Est. value 400000 $NT
Protocol HECO
Total Supply TBA
Referral No
End in July 25, 2021
Price/Token TBA


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NEXTYPE Giveaway is 400000 $NT worth of $30000 to 2000 lucky participants. To participate in this airdrop add NT to the CoinMarketCap watchlist, and complete the social media to ask to receive this airdrop.

NEXTYPE x CoinMarketCap airdrop

Steps for NEXTYPE x CoinMarketCap Airdrop registration:

  1. Add NT to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  2. Follow them on Twitter and retweet this post and tag 3 friends.
  3. Join them on Telegram group and channel.
  4. Follow HECO on Twitter .
  5. Complete the remaining tasks and submit your details.


NEXTYPE is an integrated application ecosystem among game, NFT and DeFi that can be cross-chain (cross platform), which will create a more efficient and free NFT asset swapping protocol for the blockchain world, and provide users with high-quality multiform Dapps based on games + DeFi, games + NFT synthesis, and NFT + DeFi.
NEXTYPE provides an initial encrypted tokens distribution channel for various blockchain project initiators based on the DeFi in games.
NEXTYPE also offers the underlying technical support of NFT asset upgrade for online games, and establishes the value bridge between the blockchain world and the traditional game world with NFT through Dapp.
With the third generation of the blockchain has been underway, DeFi and NFT are gaining traction, and more blockchain users continue to search for a more interesting scenario, where value appreciation can be achieved more efficiently and securely. Innovation is the starting point of every project, however, finding a more accurate and precise field is always a challenge.
For this reason, based on a long-term deep exploration of games and NFT, NEXTYPE Foundation officially launches the NEXTYPE Project, bringing a completely new ecosystem to blockchain world, which is more innovative, sustainable, and extensible.
As you all known, NFT wasn’t applied recently. In fact, it has been four years since the phenomenal NFT app, CryptoKitties, was firstly released on Ethereum, however, NFT became more widely available to blockchain enthusiasts until early 2021.
At present, NFT is more commonly adopted in the collection and circulation of encrypted artworks, with lightning-fast increase on its commercial value, and in the future, there still will be a vast potential on NFT, for example, games!

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