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Pockero Network

Pockero Network


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Pockero Network

Pockero Network Airdrop is 200 PCKO tokens worth of $12 for each participant.start their telegram bot and complete the simple social media tasks. Finally, submit your details in the bot. also, you can invite your friends to earn 6 PCKO tokens for each referral.

Pockero Network Airdrop

Steps for Pockero Network Airdrop :

      1. Signup at Shortex and verify your mail.
      2. Start their Telegram bot.
      3. Join their Telegram Group and Channel.
      4. Follow them on Twitter and retweet their pinned post.
      5. Like and follow them, on Facebook.
      6. Follow them on Instagram.
      7. Finally, submit your details in bot.
      8. Also, invite your friends to earn 6 PCKO for each referral.


Pockero Network :

Pockero Network is a Blockchain-based decentralized peer to peer marketplace for everyday services. It is a peer-to-peer application that redefines P2P service systems. Systems that have not evolved for decades, hence, we have changed our mode of consumption and our users too. Text advertisements are no longer as convincing as they used to be, and ad walls quickly turn into ad cemeteries, in other words, these advertisements usually end up lingering on those sites
for weeks without finding anybody to answer them.


Have a Happy Airdropping!

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