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Pulse Network

Pulse Network


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 2.9
  • 3.1
  • 3.1

Airdrop Details

Tokens $30,000 PULSE
Est. value $30,000
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply TBA
Referral Yes
End in March 18, 2021
Price/Token TBA

Pulse Network

Pulse Network Airdrop is worth of $30,000 PULSE tokens to its community members. To take part in this airdrop, login to the contest page, complete the social media tasks and finally submit your details. Also, you can refer your friends to get extra entries.

Pulse Network Airdrop

Steps for Pulse Network Airdrop registration :

  1. Log in to Pulse Network contest page.
  2. Complete the social media tasks mentioned.
  3. Top-50 winners earn $430 PULSE each.
  4. Also, you can invite your friends to earn extra entries.

Top 5 Winners

1st place – $3000
2st place – $2000
3rd place – $1500
4th & 5th place – $1000 each


About Pulse Network :

The leading provider of AI-enhanced medical care, built on Polkadot. One of the biggest challenges in the medical and healthcare field is that therapies, medicines, and medical technologies are rapidly changing and it is unfortunate that only a small fraction of the world population are able to keep up with the latest development in the field even among those living in the developed countries. To circumvent this, Pulse will accumulate the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information and integrate it with expert knowledge from around the world, enhanced with AI to deliver the most advanced medical care equally to everyone. In the past, any medical data collected has been vulnerable to alteration with several negative consequences. For instance, data can be altered at hospitals to conduct insurance fraud, or corrupted data when aggregated can lead to dangerous conclusions in drug trials and other research projects. Data stored in the blockchain is timestamped, cryptographically sealed, and immutable, and any retrospective changes are immediately apparent. The use of blockchain technology will therefore make data falsification a thing of the past.

Visit here to know more about Pulse Network.

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