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Airdrop Details

Tokens 50,000 $FEVR
Est. value 50000 $FVER
Protocol BEP20
Total Supply 16,000,000,000 $FEVR
Referral Yes
End in September 10, 2021
Price/Token 0.009$


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RealFevr is giving total airdrop of 50,000 $FEVR tokens and 50 NFT to 150 lucky participants and. To participate in this airdop complete the simple social media tasks and submit your details.

RealFevr airdrop.

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  1. Visit their airdrop page
  2. Join Realfevr telegram channel.
  3. Follow Realfevr on twitter and retweet the pinned post.
  4. Complete all the given tasks and refer friends to earn more entries.


While the broader technology and game applications ecosystem has been developing at a great pace, we noticed that most of the benefits and rewards are ripped by game manufacturers. Despite being an acceptable working model, Real_fevr believes in giving back power to users In our case, we empower users with a cryptocurrency and video collectibles that can be traded with other peers or used within the wider Reafevr in-game environment.2021 NFTs frenzy mode is going crazy. However we do believe this “bubble” will pop-out and only the NFTs backed by intellectual property will remain attractive and with real intrinsic value .In Real-Fevr each athlete becomes an artist and their actions – Goals, Saves, Assists, and so on – become pure art in movement. With that said, Rea-lFevr aims at completely disrupting the NFTs ecosystem by combining breakthrough tech, blockchain’s decentralization, with the uniqueness of video collectibles that empower gamers, providing utility to each moment and gamifying it through fantasy token-leagues always backed by official intellectual is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football P2E mobile game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on App and Play Store.  is expanding to be the leader of the NFT Market by launching the first ever football video NFTs marketplace, fully backed by IP. NFTs will also be integrated into the mobile game. The Token $FEVR is the fuel’ Ecosystem as it is the reward of the Play2Earn Mobile Game and the currency of the NFT Marketplace

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