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Airdrop Details

Est. value 100000 $SLOCK
Protocol SOL
Total Supply TBA
Referral No
End in April 30, 2021
Price/Token TBA


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Telegram channel link : https://t.me/desiairdropsofficial
Telegram Group link : https://t.me/desiairdrops


SoLLock giveaway to the community, a pool price of $SLOCK 100,000. To participate in this airdrop, Join them on telegram group and channel, follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet and tag at least 3 friends and follow them on medium. Finally submit your details in the airdrop form.

Steps for SOLLock giveaway airdrop registration:

  1. Follow SOLLock on twitter.
  2. Retweet the pinned post and tag 3 friends.
  3. Follow their medium.
  4. Join Telegram group and channel.
  5. Finally submit your details in the airdrop form. You can create SPL wallet address here.
  6. The Airdrop will end on April 30 12 PM UTC.



About SOLLock:

SOLLock is developed to offer developers and investors a safe place to work, as well as a way to prevent immediate sell-offs and rug-pulls after token releases.
The SOLLock Locker platform allows investors to lock up any SPL-based token instantly. Solana Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that is consistently faster and less expensive, Which is why it is at an unstoppable pace. With one of the fastest-growing projects, The need to safeguard their digital assets is critical. Despite being one of the fastest-growing ecosystems, It still lacks the infrastructure needed to be a secure alternative to Ethereum, Which SOLLock will provide. This is a much-needed solution in the space, As it finally gives Token Investors a sense of security.

Investors expect fast and accurate details when determining which tokens to purchase. The following exploits and vulnerabilities are automatically tested by our SOLLock Smart Contract check tool:

Minting is one example of a possible vulnerability. As a result, Any Smart Contracts that do not pass our initial inspection will not be allowed to be deployed on our SOLLock platform. SOLLock Smart Contract is designed to automatically take a 0.5% charge of the total tokens locked for each liquidity lock. These tokens would then be liquidated and used to purchase SLOCK tokens from the market.

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