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Space Misfits

Space Misfits


Desiairdrops Ratings

  • 3.4
  • 3.3
  • 3.2

Airdrop Details

Tokens 20000 $CROWN
Est. value TBA
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 168000000
Referral Yes
End in February 3, 2022
Price/Token $0.160000

Space Misfits

Space Misfits airdrop of $20000 CROWN tokens will be given to 500 random winners. To participate in this airdrop complete the tasks given.

Space Misfits Airdrop

Steps for Space Misfits airdrop registration:

  1. Visit the airdrop page.
  2. Sign up for the Space Misfits account.
  3. Follow them on Twitter, like the post, comment, and tag 3 friends.
  4. Join their telegram group, channel, and discord server.
  5. Complete the tasks given and submit your details.


Space Misfits is a space-based, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) built with player ownership at its foundation, leveraging the blockchain to ensure everyone is in control of their own assets and can manage them how they see fit. The goal of Space Misfits is to be a unique, immersive and ever-changing world that always creates new experiences and isn’t just a grind fighting unintelligent NPC. The MMO gameplay progression through Seasons with a size, scope and lore that enables incredible future growth and direction. More to come on this later! The game expansion will progress with the lore, factions though being at war can join for common goals, for faster expansion or go solo for tactical advantages. Conquering new systems and establishing in new bases and planets should be challenging and acquired through community progress, finding clues and star maps through scavenging missions can trigger events and build up the momentum to prepare for each expansion. Some examples of the many types of events for a Misfit to explore is fighting back specific targets while others deliver fuel in convoys to scarce locations. Invasions through alliance where the most powerful Misfits will have to help fend the doers of evil. Additional expansions of new features, functions and systems will be based on player growth and exploration and will continue to turn up the level of immersion and opportunity.

Visit this link to know more.

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