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Zoo Crypto World

Zoo Crypto World


Desiairdrops Ratings

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Airdrop Details

Tokens 85,000 $ZOO
Est. value $50000
Protocol BEP20
Total Supply $200,000,000
Referral No
End in January 9, 2022
Price/Token $0.3538

Zoo Crypto World

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Zoo Crypto World airdrop of $50000 will be given to lucky winners, join the airdrop and get up to 8.50 $ZOO. To participate in this airdrop complete the tasks given.

Zoo Crypto World Airdrop

Steps for Zoo Crypto World airdrop registration:

  1. Visit the airdrop page.
  2. Add Zoo Crypto World to CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  3. Follow them on twitter, tweet the post and tag three friends.
  4. Join their telegram group and discord server.
  5. Follow their Twitch channel.
  6. Subscribe to their YouTube channel.
  7. Submit your BSC wallet address.
  8. Complete the given tasks and submit your details.


ZOO Crypto World is a GameFi metaverse that combines DeFi with GameFi. Battle against your foes, stake in pools for massive returns or have action-packed fights with mega bosses. ZOO Crypto World allows investors to stake and invest in our secure ZOO farming pools that offer immense returns. Become a LEGENDARY figther in the ZOO as you battle in PvP against other players in intense arena encounters for KEY. Open loot chests to generate your own NFT animal to battle against other players, bosses or to generate ZOO. NFT Animals passively mine ZOO that flows into your wallet every second with NO WORK required at all. The ZOO Crypto World ecosystem is a complex economic model designed to provide stability, profit and fun to all ZOO warriors. ZOO is the governance token of the ZOO. Fixed at a supply of 800 million, ZOO is utilised in battles, lotteries, staking and more. KEY is the utility token of the ZOO Crypto World Metaverse. With an unlimited supply, KEYs can be used to unlock NFT’s. ZOO warriors are only required to purchase an NFT Animal to play, which can go as low as $4 as a cost. Note, three NFT animals are required for the PvP mode whilst ZOO warriors can use only one NFT Animal to play PvE. You can also purchase KEY tokens to unlock chests for NFT Animals. If you are lucky enough, you can unlock a legendary. It is a project by Singularity Studio, a GameFi enterprise maintained by over 30 employees. The majority of Singularity Studio developers are kept anonymous as they are industrial prodigies however, the figureheads of the team have been listed on the whitepaper and above. They puts security first, the safety of YOUR funds is what we prioritise above all. To ensure the safety of your funds and assets, it has been audited by Certik, has an integrated security team with analysts monitoring 24/7 and are exploring the latest security practices by partnering with new audit providers.

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