Rewards: 1200 MLIV~$10+Ref

MediLiVes is focused on telemedicine solutions. The MediLiVes platform enables healthcare professionals and patients to collect, store and harvest key findings from medical examinations data. The app is capable of recognizing more than 20 irregularities in ECG signals, making diagnosis significantly faster.

MediLives is airdropping 1200 MLIV  tokens worth of $10 to each airdrop participant. Complete the social media task and invite your friends and earn 600 MLIV tokens for each referral.

Steps for Airdrop:

      1. Create the Medilives account.
      2. Start to chat with Telegram bot.
      3. Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel.
      4. Like their Facebook page and make some positive post.
      5. Subscribe to their Youtube channel.
      6. Submit your details in telegram bot.
      7. Invite your friends and earn 600 MLIV tokens for each referral.

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