Rewards : 46K NEX~$TBA+Ref

Blockchains are more secure than traditional services, but are usually slow and difficult to use. Nash overcomes these problems with innovative technology and intuitive interfaces. We process tens of thousands of transactions without ever taking control of your assets.

Nash is airdropping $100,000 BTC and 46,000 NEX tokens to their community members. You’ll receive two tickets for every person you refer and one ticket for every person they refer. Spread the word!

Steps for Airdrop:

      1. Sign up at Nash Exchange and verify your email.
      2. Invite your friends to win the prize amount upto $100,000 BTC + 46,000NEX.
      3. They are offering upto thirty prizes.
Note : Nash exchange airdrop will be ends on 17 july 2019 .

                                                    Watch below Video for step-by-step instructions:

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