#  Fructus

Every participants who vote their project can earn 5 XFRC tokens worth $1,50 per vote, during their contest , you can may enter this contest under 3 different accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Github, Google and E-mail).

  1. Visit the CoinFalcon Coin Request page.
  2. Vote their project  up and give positive with hashtag (#Fructus #XFRC)
  3. Send an screenshot or multiple screenshots at once + the vote count after your vote(s) and with your ETH wallet address to info@fructus.io
  4. You only can enter this competition once, so please send all screenshots from different voting in the same e-mail.
  5. Don’t try to cheat, send the voting number of after you voted, every number can only be claimed once!

# GBPT Airdrop Update

Who ever Joined GBPT Airdrop, you need to claim your tokens by filling this form.
Note: Use that Telegram Id which you had used for this GBPT Airdrop

# BitMart

Bitmart Exchange Sign up and receive tokens 350 BMX, if new user sign up they have to complete trade. Also invite friends earn  60% of giveaway commission.

# Instar

  Instar airdrop signup and complete KYC to receive 45 Instar tokens. After KYC go “activities” tab and do some survey to earn Instar token, survey at least 3 survey’s  end on 15 Mar 2019.

# Huddl

First check your email and to receive Huddl tokens you should fill this google form.  who missed last time please fill within 24 hours.

# Bitsdaq 2 

Bitsdaq 2  daily login and logout, you will get 200 tokens .

# Bither

Bither airdrop you can claim token every 2 hours. Sign up here and click on ” GET YOUR BTR”

# Spiking

To claim spike tokens check mail and verify before 25 March 2019 and fill this Form.

# CyberTron Airdrop Update

Do you have any CyberTron tokens in your wallet? You have to swap them to iWiW tokens now. Click here for details and instructions.

# Swacchcoin Airdrop Update

Whoever joined this Swachhcoin airdrop, You need to submit KYC Form before 15 Mar 2019.

Bitbook 2

Bitbook 2 contest  will end within a week. receive 500 BXK + 0.01 BTC for lucky contest round 2.
                  – Simply register here  https://contest.bitbook.ag/9145/6464902
                  – And complete easy social tasks.
Note : Round 1 already sent token and BTC for lucky guys.

P2Pb2b 2
P2Pb2b airdrop 2, who have already joined and complete KYC. Then login into dashboard click on Airdrop to receive 10,000 GFUN and 70 IFV can sell and withdraw.
If you dont have account or have account but not passed KYC yet, Click on  Here.

Sapien 2 
Sapien 2 bounty contents have been announced to participate go through this link.