Rewards: 5k XOM~$ 15+ref

OmniBazaar is a new type of e-commerce marketplace that removes the middlemen and bankers from e-commerce. OmniBazaar uses a patented “peer-to-peer-to-peer” architecture to remove the middlemen. It uses cryptocurrencies to eliminate the bankers.

OminiBazaar is airdropping 5000 XOM tokens ~$15 for each airdrop participants and also refer your friends to earn 2500 XOM tokens

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Download OminiBazaar 
  2. Join on Telegram
  3. Start chat OmniBazaar Telegram Verification Bot
  4. Follow on Twitter
  5. Join the OmniBazaar newsletter mailing list.
  6. Signup at OminiBazaar and click on ‘Claim your free Ominicoins
  7. You will receive 5000 OmniCoins
  8. Refer your friends to earn 2500 XOM tokens

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