Opennity 2

Rewards: 300 OPNN~$na

Opennity is a community economy built on blockchain in hope to create cross-chain technologies that bring communities within different public or private blockchains together to break down technical barriers. Members of the Opennity community will have a universal-chain pass where they can use a variety of blockchain-based services and apps.

Opennity and Bitsdaq will launch a joint airdrop campaign to introduce more community members and help develop the community economy. Opennity and bitsdaq is airdropping 300 OPNN tokens to each airdrop participant. Complete the social tasks and submit your details in the airdrop form.

Steps for Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Bitsdaq Exchange and verify your email id.
    2. Forward this campaign poster to your social media account for more than 24 hours, or send to more than 3 Telegram groups.
    3. Visit the Event page .
    4. Take a screenshot as a proof of you’re posted in the social media account.
    5. Create imtoken wallet address from this  Link.
    6. Submit your screenshot , imtoken address and other details in the event page.
    7. Also administer will review after 24h of social media display.
    8. Wait for Bitsdaq to distribute the award, each person will receive 300 OPNN.

Note : Each account can only claim once.

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Have a Happy Airdropping !