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Airdrop Details

Tokens 100 STRX
Est. value $1
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 200,000‬ STRX
Referral No
End in na
Price/Token $0.0047
Storex Airdrop is 100 STRX tokens only for 2000 airdrop participants. To participate, visit the airdrop form, complete the social tasks and submit your ETH address and other details to the airdrop form.
Storex Airdrop

Steps for Storex Airdrop:

    1. Join their Telegram group.
    2. Follow them on Twitter.
    3. Submit your ETH address and other details to the Airdrop form.
    4. For more information about the airdrop from this Announcement.

Desiairdrops Review


Storex is changing the way e-commerce works by combining the multi-trillion dollar industry with Blockchain technology. This will allow users to buy and sell products for cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. The marketplace can support millions of merchants and millions of listings. Storex does not charge its users for creating listings on the platform, which enables anyone to benefit from blockchain technology.

Storex (STRX) is the native currency for the marketplace which uses the ERC20 Ethereum token standard. STRX can be used to purchase goods and services on the marketplace. Every listing will accept STRX alongside other supported payment methods. This allows the token to be freely traded on exchanges and used within the marketplace. There will only be a maximum of 2,000,000 STRX in circulation.


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