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Airdrop Details

Tokens BCIS
Est. value ~$na
Protocol ERC-20
Total Supply 20,000,000.
Referral Ref
End in 25.12.2019
Bitone Trade
Bitone Trade Giveaway up to 1200 BCIS tokens. Signup at Bitone trade and verify your mail. Complete the KYC. Also, invite your friends to earn 50 BCIS tokens.

About Bitone Trade :
Bit One Hong Kong Limited is a cryptocurrency exchange with security and legal compliance owned and operated by Bit One Hong Kong Limited. To join this airdrop.

Bitone Trade Giveaway

Steps for Bitone Trade Giveaway :

    1. Signup at Bitone Trade Exchange. (Ref)
    2. Verify your mail.
    3. Now, login to your account.
    4. Click on the profile and complete the KYC.
    5. Also, invite your friends to earn 50 BCIS tokens.
    6. Eventually, there is a daily login bonus of 5 BCIS tokens.

Desiairdrops Review

Bitone Trade :

The Bit One Hong Kong Limited (herein after referred as our “Company”) AML/CFT Policy (the “Policy”) endeavors to comply with the requirements and obligations set out in Hong Kong and international legislations, regulations, rules and industry guidance for the financial services sector, including the need to have adequate systems and controls in place to mitigate the risk of our Company being used to facilitate financial crime. Leaving such acts will lead to letting profits from crimes be used for criminal activities in the future, and also letting criminal syndicates affect power on lawful economic activities. Furthermore, money laundering is becoming more prevalent, dexterous, and complicated in recent years, and therefore international coordination is strongly required for its protection.

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