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Airdrop Details

Tokens 3,600
Est. value $36
Protocol BCB
Total Supply 36,000,000,000 BCB
Referral Yes
End in na
Price/Token $0.01
Bitcoin Black
BitcoinBlack Airdrop is a total worth $36,000,000 in BCB coins to their community members. To participate, sign up, login and submit your BCB wallet address in the dashboard to receive 3600  BCB coins worth $36. Also, invite friends and earn up to $1,800,000 worth of BCB coins.
BitcoinBlack Airdrop

Steps for Bitcoin Black Airdrop:

    1. Visit the Bitcoin Black and click on "rewards".
    2. Sign up and verify your mail & set your password.
    3. Create a BCB Wallet address.
    4. Submit your BCB wallet address to the Dashboard.
    5. Also, invite friends and earn upto $1,800,000 worth of BCB coins.

Desiairdrops Review


Bitcoin is an improvement to the monetary system inefficiency and by not being limited by borders. The main issue of the previous fiat currencies is more abundant in Bitcoin, which is the concentration of the elites’ wealth and a flawed distribution model. Bitcoin Black aims to be the Cryptocurrency of the people, by the people for the people.

While the technology side of the current cryptocurrency projects may be sufficient for the time being, the actual distribution of Bitcoin and the alternative coins (“Altcoins”) is problematic. Just as with the fiat based monetary system, the elite own and control 90+% of Bitcoin and Altcoins. Altcoins are price dependent on Bitcoin, which means if you control Bitcoin, you in turn control, for the most part, the Altcoin markets in terms of price manipulation and price suppression. That also means you control the distribution of Altcoins. Its time to focus on distribution as a method to expose and prevent against manipulation of the markets in general and specifically prices.


Milestones- Visit the Roadmap Here to know more about the BitcoinBlack project.

Whitepaper Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the BitcoinBlack project.

Team To know more about the BitcoinBlack Team and their experiences Click Here.

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