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Airdrop Details

Tokens 5 DYNMT
Est. value $1.75
Total Supply 900,000
End in
Dynamite 3

Rewards: 5 DYNMT~$1.75+Ref

Dynamite Airdrop Round 3 is 5 DYNMT tokens worth of $ 1.75. Join their airdrop and complete the simple social media task and submit your details in the airdrop form. Also, invite your friends to earn 1 DYNMT tokens for each referral.   Dynamite Airdrop Round 3

Steps for Dynamite Airdrop Round 3 :

    1. Visit the Airdrop form.
    2. Join their Telegram group.
    3. Follow them on Twitter.
    4. Like and retweet their post.
    5. Write a positive comment on this post with the hashtags. (#DYNMT, #Dynamite, $DYNMT and @DDYNMT)
    6. Finally, submit your details in the airdrop form.
    7. Also, invite your friends to earn 1 DYNMT tokens for each referral.
Note: If you are successful being listed on Huobi Global then we will give 15k DYNMT to the first 3k supporters. (5 DYNMT for every eligible participant)

Additional ICO information

Token Ticker DYNMT Price in preICO ------ Price in ICO 1000 USD
Total Supply
Token Burn 2% Standard ERC-20 Ethereum Network

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions:

Desiairdrops Review

DYNMT is an open-source, community-based and focused social experiment. Also, participation in this experiment does not provide an offer of ordinary shares of any asset, and token holders are not entitled to or promise d any dividend / financial reward. The tokens are not designed to create securities under any jurisdiction. The world’s first feature of Dynamite token is that 2% is burned forever with every transfer. It is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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